All my blades are forged, hardened and tempered on a coal forge in EN45 and hand finished, being carbon steel they will dull and take on a patina of use, but they will also take a good edge and keep it.

All blades can be supplied as damascus steel where the steel has been folded and forge welded many times. They are generally about 3 times the cost of normal steel blades, please contact for details.

Penknife/Craft - Used for sharpening quills but also excellent for leatherworking and wood carving.

General Purpose - A general woodland and craft knife.

Eating - Knife shapes for carving meat, spreading butter and all round eating.

Cooking - Blades suited to kitchen tasks and being carbon steel they stay sharp. We can also supply modern knife shapes to order.
Medium £30.00
Large £40.00

Daggers - Single, double and triple edged blades made to historic patterns.
Single £34.00
Double £40.00
Triple £48.00

Modern- Modern blades including skinners, drop point and hunting blades. from £36

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If there is something you think we should stock please let us know on:

If you would like advice or to talk over your project please give us a ring on 07730 586470