Naturally tanned leather and all the tools and materials to undertake any project.

Use leather to make things, thong to lace it or hang it, linen thread to sew it, beeswax to rub on the thread, an awl to make the sewing holes, bone folders to shape it, old or new buckles to hold it closed, dye to colour it, and neats foot oil to soften it… and so on.

Analine dyes – Mix with methylated spirits and paint onto leather. Various colours. £1.50/5g (enough for 500 ml of dye).

Neatsfoot oil – Brush onto leather to soften it.
£2.50 per 100ml.
£5.00 per 250ml
£9.00 per 500ml

Bone folder – Use to burnish leather, press in moulded designs and rub down stitching.
£3.20 each

Harness needles – Blunt, tough needles for sewing through awl holes.
Small or large £1 for 2.

Thread – White Linen bleached leather thread.
£6.00 (25g). £28 (250g)

Harness Needle and 15mThread – White Linen bleached leather thread.

Beeswax – Used to make the thread easier to push through the needle and holds the thread in place if a stitch is broken. Pull the thread over the beeswax a few times before sewing. 25g /£1.50

Larger amounts sold under miscellaneous materials.

Awl – Used to make the holes in the leather before sewing.
£5.00 each

Buckles – Solid brass buckles.
½” £0.90 each
¾” £1.20 each
1” £1.70 each
1¼” and 1½”£2.60 each

Harness Rings - Solid brass harness rings.
1” £2 each. 1¼” £3 each.
1½”£4 each. 2” £5 each

Original buckles - suitable for re-use; 500-700 years old, £7.00 - contact for current stock.

Hole punch – Light duty hole punch with six hole sizes.
£12.00 each.

Skiving Knife - Plain. £14

Stitch Marker - £14

Strap cutter – Light duty strap cutter, cuts 5mm to 80mm.
£26.00 each
Spare blades
£1.50 each


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