Wool fleece – Washed, carded English wool fleece suitable for spinning, felting, stuffing toys and arming jacks.
£6.50 per 500g.

Hemp fibre (tow) - A hank of combed hemp fibres for spinning or bow string making. £16.00/500g

Cotton canvas – 36” wide 15oz (heavy) natural cotton canvas, water and rot resistant; suitable for tents and awnings.
£9.00 per metre .

Cotton canvas – 36” wide 12oz (medium) white cotton canvas, water resistant; suitable for tents, awnings and interlinings.
£8.00 per metre.

Jute hessian – 40” wide heavy jute hessian.
Fine £3.80 per metre.
Coarse £2.70 per metre.

Linen thread - Bleached white linen thread suitable for leather sewing, tents and awnings, whipping arrows and other heavy uses. Natural heavy linen thread is suitable for arming jacks and other sundry uses. Available in 3 strand thicknesses.

Bleached £6.00 for 25g. £28 for 250g
Natural- 3 (approx 0.8mm thick) £16.00 per 250g ball
Natural- 4 (approx 1mm thick) £16.00 per 250g ball
Natural- 5 (approx 1.2mm thick) £16.00 per 250g ball

Parchment and paper - Parchment suitable for writing and illuminating pre
1600 or so. Linen paper suitable for writing post 1610 or so and hemp paper
suitable for writing post 1400 or so.

Parchment is available as 1st grade and is top quality white sheep parchment, 2nd grade has some slight yellowing in places and may not take ink so well on these patches. Use 1st grade for illuminating and quality work, 2nd for general communiques.

Parchment 1st grade £21 per square foot; will cut to size.

Parchment 2nd grade £12 per square foot; will cut to size.
Hemp and Linen paper £5.00 per sheet (600mm x 475mm).

Sisal twine – Tarred or natural sisal twine lasts well outside and is a good quality general craft twine. Comes in 3, 4 or 5 twist.

Tarred 3 £5.00 per 500g ball
Tarred 4 £5.00 per 500g ball
Tarred 5 £5.00 per 500g ball
Natural 3 £3.50 per 500g ball
Natural 4 £3.50 per 500g ball
Natural 5 £3.50 per 500g ball

Hemp rope – Hemp rope in sizes from 6mm to 16mm.

6mm diameter £0.70 per metre
8mm diameter £1.50 per metre
10mm diameter £2.00 per metre
12mm diameter £2.20 per metre
16mm diameter £4.00 per metre


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