Wood - The minimum wood order is £10 per piece. Wood is priced by volume and is available in pieces cut to size from small to large and priced by the cubic inch. Either mail me the size and material you want and I will let you know how much it is, or multiply the volume of the piece in cubic inches by the cubic inch cost and add £1.50 per piece for cutting charges. Not all sizes available from stock.

Wood will be supplied sawn unless requested otherwise. Ebony, olive, box and lignum vitae, are only available in smaller pieces.

Cubic inch costs
ash £0.10 beech £0.10 cherry £0.10 ebony £0.80
elm £0.10 lime £0.10 maple £0.12 oak £0.13
pear £0.13 poplar £0.10 walnut £0.20 yew £0.15
box £0.60 holly £0.15 olive £0.60 lignum £0.80

Knife handle scales – Common woods are 12cm x 3cm x 0.8cm, rare woods and horn are 12cm x 2cm x 0.8cm and available in:

Ash, beech, cherry, holly, oak, pear, walnut and yew at £2.00 per pair.
Ebony, lignum vitae, olive, box, black horn at £5.00 per pair
one 12cm x 2.5cm x 0.4cm at £6.00 per pair

Horn – Black buffalo horn blocks, cylinders and tips.
5cm x 1.2cm x 15cm £12.00 per block
12cm x 2.5cm round £5.00 per cylinder
Tips £3.00 each

Horn nocks – Black buffalo longbow horn nocks - unpolished.
£10.00 pair

Horn slices – Black buffalo horn slices for nocking longbow arrows.
£3.00 per dozen. 50mm x 25mm x 2mm

Bone – hollow bone sections approximately 200mm long, bleached and boiled. £7.00. 200mm approx.

Antler – Sections of antler about x long, sections with the crown and antler tines.

Sections (rolls) about 15cm £5.50
Sections with crown £10.00 each
Tines (about 8cm – 10cm) £2.00 each
Tines (about 25cm) £4.50 each

If there is something you think we should stock please let us know on:

If you would like advice or to talk over your project please give us a ring on 07730 586470